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Transfusão Noise Records, 2012


released May 25, 2012


Guilherme Almeida - guitarra, violão, ukelele e voz
Vinicius Leal - guitarra, violão e teclados
Gustavo Cockell - baixo
Joab Regis - bateria

Backing Vocal na faixa 8 por Gabriela Borges

Todas as músicas compostas, arranjadas e produzidas por THE JOHN CANDY
Todas as letras por Guilherme Almeida

Gravado no Modulometer Lo-Fi Studio
Produzido por Vinicius Leal
Bateria gravada no Estudio Canto do Trilho
Técnico de Gravação - Pedro Garcia

Mixado e masterizado por Pedro Garcia no Estúdio Boombox

Fotos e projeto gráfico por Gustavo Cockell

contato: thejohncandy@yahoo.com.br



all rights reserved


THE JOHN CANDY Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: Lie On Someone Song
Changes happen every day,
So I started this song to feel ok
Wrong chords out of tune,
I started this song to see you soon.
We´ve talked about it every year
I started this song to break her fear
Changes happen everyday
So I started this song to feel ok

Lie on someone,
Did we know?
Lie on someone song
Lie on someone, did we know?
Track Name: Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow
Brand new way
I can´t talk too much
Here I stay
I don´t want no crush
Lying in bed
Memories of you
Such my youngest days
Of glory and doom

But anyway, anyhow,
I´ve gone,
I´ve talked,
I´ve found.
Track Name: Last Night I Lost Last Night
Think I´ll get lost
In next fifteen years
And you´ll never know.

Hiding some sadness
Between three smiles,
You should know.

As ever again,
You´re lost, she said
As ever again,
You´re lost, she said

Hence the day I wished to go with you
Anguish is around here.
Track Name: F(X) Luv
If I dream
About your perfect kiss and lips everyday
You say it´s gonna hurt me
I don´t know why

Starless sky
Strange meeting that stopped the time
From now on it´s hard to get back
My full peace of mind

And even if you don´t trust me
And even if you couldn´t try
My heart just don´t belong
To previous lines
Track Name: In A Bad Fix
Save me, leave me after midnight
Ashes is not ashes, dust is not dust anyhow

Bring out a party, ‘cos I never feel me on holydays.
Stray you!

Broken arm and broken legs,
Maybe heart could fix them
But my love is the future
And you´re living in the past
Track Name: 4 a.m
I´ve been waiting
For someone that never come
Still remains that feeling
Nothing to be done

Don´t wake up,
Don´t waste your pretty skin
Why do I care about it?
There´s no dream, I mean.

Guiding star to blind
Friends with hopeless hearts
Her face appears in music
On loud noise guitars

It turns me high
It turns me on
How suddenly you come
How suddenly you go

4 AM sun
5 AM sun
How suddenly you come
Track Name: Middle Page
Early days when you can see
More than pictures, memories
Nowadays they’re a sign
Of a broken bit
From me, from, you, from all of us
Meeting old friends just because
I didn´t make no one in this fourteen years
Is it funny how I feel alright?
Is it strange how I feel ok?
Like a young lover,
Like a young lover too old.
Track Name: Synesthesia
bang sh-papa bang she hee hee
everywhere she goes
theres a piano chasing her

where do you go?
its so hard to say hello
when all the songs remember her
those strange days
Track Name: Voronej
Trembling blue stars
Under sky
Melting sun
Red fireball
Under sky
Alien sign
Is it true?
Truly truly?
Track Name: No Home Like Place
It was a talking with high noise,
What to do, I had no choice
Or is it a consequence of my innocence
That hits the sense of common life?

Dear, dear, say goodbye
I´m getting tired of getting tired
Or is it a consequence of my innocence
That hits the sense of normal life?
Track Name: Alcoholikissin´
Dancing on the beach under the moonlight
Alcoholic kisses, it´s not hard to find
Love is just a word in your favorite song
People say I´m drunk
Please drive me home
Used to be the sweetest boy of neighborhood
Sweetness is just a mask for disillusion
Blind me with your shadows, you could turn me on
If the stars don´t shine, you will brighten alone
Dancing on the beach, under the moonlight
My joy don´t make sense, but her smile
Show us one way to save me from alcoholic kisses
Nothing more to do, except for your wishes